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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have been obsessed with cupcakes recently.  Must be all the shows I have been watching (Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes, Cupcake Girls).  The other night at 9pm I just had to make cupcakes.  Someone at work brought in a huge zucchini fresh from their garden.  I took it home and searched for my mom's zucchini bread recipe.  But instead of loaves I made zucchini cupcakes with a maple cream cheese frosting.  Of course I used my dad's homemade maple syrup for the frosting.  And since I didn't have enough sugar on hand for the recipe, I subbed in the maple syrup in the cupcakes too.  They turned out sooo yummy.  I took them to the office the next day and tested them out on my guinea pigs...I mean coworkers.  Everyone loved them.

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