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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Treats from Argentina

My parents-in-law just came back from a trip to see family in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  As usual they brought back some sweet treats. Alfajores!!  Two sweet crumbly cakes filled with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate.  Who could resist?  Certainly not me.  I did have the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires last year and had my fair share of all sorts or Argentinian treats, facturas, sandwiches de miga, asado, empanadas, piononos, and mate.  Thank goodness I did not have much of an appetite in my first trimester of pregnancy, otherwise I would have come back 20lbs heavier.


  1. Love it!! They are soooo good, I wish I could found it here in CT.

  2. It took them less than 3 hours to deliver my order! Very impressed! The quality is beyond words. My manager was very polite and attentive. He didn’t mind me acting rude because of a burning deadline.


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